What Type of Pipe is Best for a House Repipe?

When it comes to the refinishing of an entire house, the choice usually comes down to copper or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) plastic tubing. PEX is a cost-effective and durable option that is also easy to install, making it a popular choice for both plumbers and homeowners. Copper pipes are the most commonly used material in homes, as they last for many years and resist general corrosion. However, they can be damaged due to pitting corrosion, which is caused by the content of minerals in the water or soil surrounding the pipes.

PVC pipes are also very common, with CPVC being the strongest type and often used in drainage and hot water pipes due to its ability to withstand high temperatures. In addition to PEX, copper and PVC, there are other types of plumbing pipes such as black, galvanized and brass pipes. Each type of pipe has its own best application depending on the location and purpose. Replacing a home's plumbing is a big job that requires the skills and experience of a professional plumber or contractor.

It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the size and complexity of the home. Homeowners should be aware of the signs that indicate they may need to repipe their home, such as discolored water, low water pressure, or strange noises coming from the pipes.

Ted Bell
Ted Bell

Ted is a nationally recognized home repiping expert. He's been repiping homes in San Diego since 1993 and has been a frequent Angi's Super Service Award winner.