When is the Right Time to Repipe Your Home?

When it comes to deciding when to reconnect the pipes in your home, it is important to assess the performance of the existing pipes. If your home is more than 50 years old, it is likely that the pipes are clogged or blocked, and may not be able to handle toilet paper. Additionally, if you notice that the water coming out of your faucets is yellow, brown or red, this could be a sign of rust on your pipes. If the water has an unusual color, taste or smell, this could indicate that the pipes are deteriorating and that the water is becoming contaminated.

Repairing a home involves demolition, plumbing, rebuilding and in some cases, the use of an open flame. If your house was built decades ago, you will likely need a large amount of plumbing in order for your home's plumbing to work optimally. This includes plumbers removing all pipes and replacing them with newer materials such as copper or certain plastics. The cost of reconditioning an entire home will depend on factors such as the size of the house, the number of bathrooms and the type of plumbing you choose to install.

After installing the new pipes, the pipe installers will repair the drywall and repaint it to restore your home to its previous state. Rust-colored stains on sinks and discolored clothing can also be a reliable sign that it's time to replace the plumbing. Installing whole-house plumbing refers specifically to replacing all of the water supply lines that come into your home as well as any “branch” of those pipes that supplies water to any plumbing installation. Other factors that can increase the cost of repairing a whole-house pipe include opening and repairing walls, floors and ceilings, what must be done to access hidden pipes and the lack of easy access to lines in tight spaces or attics.

The cost of refinishing depends on what exactly is being replaced and in what quantity as well as what it is being replaced with. If you are considering repairing your home, it is important to contact more than one accredited plumber before making any final decisions. One of the big decisions you and your plumber will have to make before repairing your home's plumbing is what type of material to use. If you decide to perform a complete home repair, your authorized plumber will apply for a work permit from your municipality.

For environmentally conscious homeowners, repainting is a good time to upgrade their home with low-flow accessories. In this week's Facebook Live Q&A, The Potty Mouth Guys discuss why areas that were flooded are the main candidates for whole-house pipe repair as well as the different types of pipes used in home refinishing.

Ted Bell
Ted Bell

Ted is a nationally recognized home repiping expert. He's been repiping homes in San Diego since 1993 and has been a frequent Angi's Super Service Award winner.